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Our Team


Jennifer Carello

Owner, WordPress Developer, Designer

In 1993, Jennifer Carello, began taking HTML classes at night for fun at Providence College while she sold wine during the day.  Building websites was a love of hers, and she began hand coding websites in notepad for her extended family so that they could all keep up on what was going on with each other after logging on through dial up to AOL, Earthlink or some other service.

After attending the Chubb Institute of Technology, Jennifer began a career in the IT industry, working as Novell Engineer, desk support technician, consultant, and managing teams of help desks in Fairfield County and New York City.  During this time, Jennifer continued to develop websites for “fun” for new clients and for family members.  Jennifer formed TechCare, LLC and Executive Pages, LLC in the late 1990s, and branched out as her own consultant to a plethora of clients in lower Fairfield County.

As the technology industry grew and became more specialized, Jennifer decided to follow her love and expertise of building websites and focused exclusively on this field.  TechCare now specializes in building easy to navigate, beautiful, and SEO optimized sites on the WordPress platform. She has built a team of extremely capable, technical, and smart developers and designers to get the job done correctly for her clients.

TechCare has over 100 clients with an extremely low attrition rate. This is due to our team’s attentiveness and capability to build websites the right way that work for everyone involved.  Jennifer looks forward to working with you.




Greg Volpe

WordPress Developer, PHP Developer

Greg Volpe has been with Techcare, LLC since 2014 and we are extremely proud to have him our team.  He has been fixing and building computers and electronics since 2007 and designing and maintaining websites since 2008.  Greg has been working with WordPress websites, plugins, and themes since 2010, as he realized that WordPress is exciting, easy to use, flexible and is a wonderful tool to showcase clients’ products and services.

Greg studied computer science at Western Connecticut State University with a concentration in Java development.  He has training in advanced object oriented languages as well as scripting languages such as PHP, which is extremely useful when building a website using the WordPress platform.

Greg is also a state certified volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Brookfield Connecticut.



Bradley Little

Web Designer, Marketing Concepts

Brad enjoys thinking through user journeys and developing the clearest most intuitive solutions on the web.

Brad graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences, majoring in Graphic information Design from Central Connecticut State University. Upon graduation he started his Graphic Design career working in small agencies that worked for major clients such as Yahoo!, United Healthcare, Diageo, Trojan, Church & Dwight, and many more. As he grew through agency life, his career aspirations did as well, he started in print design and found himself becoming more and more interested in the digital side of design.

After the 3-4 years of agency work, Brad realized he wanted to be on the client side of design where he took a role at WWE as interactive designer.  Through this position, Brad was able to really focus on what he enjoyed most, User Experience and User Interface design.

Brad has also been an avid bowler since he was 6, and 40 weeks out of the year he can be found in the alley in a bowling league!

Conrad Julian

WordPress Expert Developer

Conrad was born in Argentina, and moved to the California in 2001, where he currently resides.

Conrad has been a web developer and webmaster for over 14 years, and during that time he has had the opportunity to be part of a wide array of projects, from basic to complex platforms, e-commerce, social networks and Marketing initiatives for companies such as Gucci, Disney DVD, Beats By Dre and Google, always as a freelance designer and developer. Conrad loves challenges and getting to establish solid and long lasting work relationships, which is one of the most rewarding aspects of what he does.

Since the nature of the web is to be in constant motion, with new technologies emerging very often, Conrad have always put special emphasis in developing skills for as many languages and platforms as possible in order to provide the right solutions for each project.



Kristin Hawley

Logo Designer

Kristin Hawley has been with TechCare since 2013, working as both a designer and developer with a specialty in Logo design.  Kristen now works with TechCare on creating logos for clients that will distinguish their brand.  Kristin has worked with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 to local Connecticut companies. In the past few years she have developed and helped to execute campaigns for Campbell’s Soup Company, Absolut Vodka, Brancott Wines, and Colgate. With a background in print and digital design, Kristin strives to deliver highly conceptual, modern design.

In her spare time, Kristin enjoys running, traveling, exploring NYC, cooking & spending time with friends.



Our Partners


Email Marketing: MyNewsgirl

Cathy Drury

Founder of My NewsGirl, Cathy Ann Drury is a leading expert in email marketing for small businesses. As a Platinum Level, Master Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact, Cathy works with clients to create sustained email marketing campaigns, as well as event marketing, writing services, graphic design and more. 

SEM, Digital Display: Driven Local

Doug Gunsolley

Doug is an experienced digital marketing and advertising professional specializing in helping businesses develop and implement online media campaigns.  Specialties include search engine marketing, organic optimization, digital display, audience targeting, video campaigns, and Facebook advertising.  He works with both agencies and national, regional, & local business owners and marketers.

Backup: BlogVault

Akshat Choudhary

Founder of BlogVault, Akshat runs an efficient and technically savvy company, backing up WordPress websites around the world.