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Images now “free” from Getty Images?

Getty Images has announced a new way of using their photos. (article here: They have taken the “youtube” approach and are now letting web developers embed certain images for sale on their website on websites around the world.  What does this mean for you?
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Gravity Forms Email Notifications Not Received

Today I had my second client who was not receiving their notifications from our Gravity Form on their website. This was a simple form with only a few fields on their contact page.  We would fill out the form, submit the form, I could see the form in the back end of the website, but the client would never receive the email!

We did the usual: look in junk mail on the computer; look in the spam mail folder; try again!

In our case, our website and our email were not being hosted on the same server.  What was happening was that
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Top 10 Best Plugins for Any WordPress Website (plus bonus item)

Every WordPress developer has their favorite plugins.  Over the years developing on WordPress, there are some that we really love and find ourselves using over and over again.  We have given our Top 10 list below (with a bonus), and divided the list up between “Mandatory” and “Optional”.  Mandatory plugins are, of course, not mandatory, but we find that we use them on almost every site we build, so we install them by default.

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WordPress Insert into Post is not Working! – How to Fix!


You are working away on your WordPress site.  You go to your theme options or some other options where you can add a logo or special image, like a post category image, or a portfolio category image, or a theme option such as a logo.

You click the button to upload image or browse your Media Library.  You find your image.  You click Insert into Post and nothing happens! The place where the path to the image should appear stays blank like this:


You may or may not notice it right then, but when you see that the box for the file URL stays blank you try over and over and can’t figure out why!


This may not be the only reason why this is happening, but this has happened many times to us and hopefully the fix is this easy for you!  
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WordPress, WooCommerce, SSL on a Load Balancer…

Today we started the process of moving Buy Area Rug Pads and Only Mohawk Rug pads sites which are WordPress Woocommerce websites (which of course require and SSL certificate) to a new hosting service with Rackspace.  We set up our new hosting, Cloud Server, to use load balancers in front of the server to do the SSL encryption and so that it is scalable later on.

Problem with WordPress and SSL on the Load Balancer

Once we made a site live, we tested it, and found that it looked HORRIBLE!  After a little more research this is what we found:
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Hosting Plans – Do They Matter in Terms of Speed?

One of my clients, Web Corner Stores,  has many ecommerce websites using WordPress and Woocommerce selling rug pads like all Wool Rug Pads.  We noticed that when we launched the original websites, they sites were slow.  Moving from page to page was slow and loading the home page sometimes took 10 or 15 seconds!  This really is not acceptable!  At that point, we had a shared hosting account, and realized that we needed something a little faster.

We found Rackspace’s Cloud Sites, which was reasonable priced for many sites and had a guaranteed uptime, which mattered a lot to us. So we moved all the sites. After a while, we realized that again the sites were slow!

Do Hosting Plans Control How Fast Your Website Is?

Now we are in the process of moving to Rackspace’s Cloud Server hosting and the result is night and day.  Before the final move, I did some screencasts so you can see for sure the difference.  This is what I did:
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What is a Gravatar, Why you need one, and How to create one

Have you noticed that on some websites when you make a comment or when you sign up for a membership, you have a spot for a profile photo?  If you have signed up using Facebook connect, which means there was an option to create your id using your Facebook account, you will automatically have the profile photo from your Facebook account right there next to your name.  If you sign up just by entering in your email and answering a few questions, your profile photo may look plain or generic like this:

what is a gravatar

That profile photo, whether generic or of you, is called an avatar.


What is a Gravatar?

A GRAvatar is a “Globally Recognized Avatar”.  A Gravatar enables you to create an avatar for your email address one time, and then websites which are Gravatar-enables sites will pull your photo, or avatar, from the Gravatar database automatically.

This is how it works:  
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How to Schedule Your Posts into the Future to Delay Publishing Posts in WordPress

With WordPress it is easy to schedule your posts so that they are released in the future!  Why would you need to do this?  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You have time one day to write a bunch of posts, but don’t want them all to be published the same day in order to keep your readers’ attention piqued
  2. You are going on vacation and would like a post or two or more to appear while you are gone
  3. You have a section of your website which is updated daily, and you would like to sit down and do a big entry on one day and have each post appear on different days
  4. You are going to have a special promotion, so you get your posts and pages all set for a particular date

There are many reasons to post into the future and WordPress makes it super easy.  
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