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How to Use your iPhone to Post to a WordPress Blog

Most owners of websites want to blog but can’t find the time, energy or content.  Is this you?

I work with many business owners who have a self-hosted WordPress installation, and who are gung-ho about adding a blog to their website.  We set up the blog area, they write a few posts, and then they stop.  Eventually, the blog or news area looks outdated which is not good for bringing in new business. There are several solutions to this issue if you are not finding the time to post:

  1. Ask someone/a few employees in your company to write posts
  2. Ask other people who are experts in your field to guest blog. You can set up those users as contributors in WordPress.
  3. Hire a content writer
  4. Make it easy to post 

Here we are going with number 4 – Make it easy to post by using your iPhone!
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It Could be the Fonts!

Have you ever looked at a website and knew that you liked it but weren’t sure why?  How about one that you did not like, but weren’t sure why….

Well, it could be the fonts!  Fonts play a SUPER important role in how a person feels or reacts to a website.  Fonts create a feeling for the page, whether it be strong, soft, romantic, funny, serious, conservative, playful, happy, or one of many other emotions.
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Quotes and Testimonials…How to Display Quotes and Testimonials on Your Website

Many of my clients have wonderful testimonials from their customers.  These are great tools for marketing purposes, and they should be displayed proudly on their websites!

Many other clients follow a philosophy, and there are many wonderful quotes from influential people that they would like to display on their site as well.
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UberMenu – the Name Not Only Sounds Cool, it IS Cool

Do you know what an UberMenu is?  How about a MegaMenu? It is cool.  And it is cool not just because it is great looking, but is functional in a way that it solves a problem that can be very hard to solve when creating a website.  That maybe makes it super-cool.

This is the type of menu you now can find on many shopping websites, such as,,, or  If you go to one of those sites and mouseover
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First Day of Spring Means Time to Freshen Up Your Website

Each spring, after the long, cold winter, we look out at the brown trees and see that new, bright green leaves are beginning to bud on the trees. The first day of Spring brings some happiness and hopefulness to each of us.  We imagine what the landscape will look like in a month or two, and are excited for the future.  The same goes for your website.

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Looking to add a creative programmer..

TechCare, LLC is a full design Web Development Agency.  We take a website from concept to production in-house.  TechCare, LLC prides itself on creating beautiful, functional, clean, professional looking, and easy to navigate websites by paying careful attention to navigation, design, and function.
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Backup My Website? The Answer is YES.

Now that you have built a beautiful, informative website, you want don’t want to lose all that work.

You may have heard the saying, “Your data is only as good as your backup.”  This is very true, even in the case of your web hosting.

Doesn’t backup come with my hosting?

Most service providers do not back up your site. The reason for this is simple:  each type of site needs to be backed up in a different way.  Your WordPress site needs to be backed up in two ways: the database AND the file structure.      Not all websites need this exact way to back up.
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How to Choose a Host

I always get this question from clients and friends and acquaintances:  who should I use for hosting?  How should I choose a host?  Should I host my website at my company?

There are so many choices the answer to this is like saying, “What kind of apple should I use for baking in my apple pie?”  Sure, there are certain considerations for the apples:  are they firm?  mushy?  tart?  sweet?   large?  Many people have different opinions on this.  But, if you choose an apple, bake it with some nice brown sugar and spices with a super buttery crust, it will come out pretty good and people will love it.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that you have your web site created and up and running, you’d like to climb higher in Google’s rankings. This can be a daunting task. There are companies out there that can help you with your SEO, but here are some things you should try first before calling in the big guns (with the big price tags).
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