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What is a Gravatar, Why you need one, and How to create one

Have you noticed that on some websites when you make a comment or when you sign up for a membership, you have a spot for a profile photo?  If you have signed up using Facebook connect, which means there was an option to create your id using your Facebook account, you will automatically have the profile photo from your Facebook account right there next to your name.  If you sign up just by entering in your email and answering a few questions, your profile photo may look plain or generic like this:

what is a gravatar

That profile photo, whether generic or of you, is called an avatar.


What is a Gravatar?

A GRAvatar is a “Globally Recognized Avatar”.  A Gravatar enables you to create an avatar for your email address one time, and then websites which are Gravatar-enables sites will pull your photo, or avatar, from the Gravatar database automatically.

This is how it works:  
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