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Quotes and Testimonials…How to Display Quotes and Testimonials on Your Website

Many of my clients have wonderful testimonials from their customers.  These are great tools for marketing purposes, and they should be displayed proudly on their websites!

Many other clients follow a philosophy, and there are many wonderful quotes from influential people that they would like to display on their site as well.
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Backup My Website? The Answer is YES.

Now that you have built a beautiful, informative website, you want don’t want to lose all that work.

You may have heard the saying, “Your data is only as good as your backup.”  This is very true, even in the case of your web hosting.

Doesn’t backup come with my hosting?

Most service providers do not back up your site. The reason for this is simple:  each type of site needs to be backed up in a different way.  Your WordPress site needs to be backed up in two ways: the database AND the file structure.      Not all websites need this exact way to back up.
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