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Creating a Unique and Functional Woocommerce Store Online

TechCare has created many Woocommerce stores for clients around the United States, and we recently launched a site we thought we should highlight so you could see some of the functional and interesting things you can do with Woocommerce and WordPress.

The store Sweetie Pie Collection was a brand new e-commerce venture for the Flower Girl and Communion Dress wholesaler.  Sweetie Pie did have a website, but there was no ability to purchase items on the former site.

Features of the new Woocommerce WordPress website

Wholesaler Website: Prices not shown unless logged in

If you visit Sweetie Pie Collections as a normal visitor on the web, not logged in, you will be able to browse the collection of dresses. You will be able to read about each dress, zoom in on each dress to see detail on edges, lace, etc, and see the SKU number. You will just not be able to see
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Top 10 Best Plugins for Any WordPress Website (plus bonus item)

Every WordPress developer has their favorite plugins.  Over the years developing on WordPress, there are some that we really love and find ourselves using over and over again.  We have given our Top 10 list below (with a bonus), and divided the list up between “Mandatory” and “Optional”.  Mandatory plugins are, of course, not mandatory, but we find that we use them on almost every site we build, so we install them by default.

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