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Building Your Website

Building the website – the fun part.

After the Planning phase, TechCare, LLC will begin building your new website on WordPress.  Now your ideas in your mind will take shape and if we have done a good job planning, you will be excited about how your online extension of your company is coming together.

We can work together either one of two ways:  you can deliver your content to TechCare and we can add all of it the site and format it so that it looks really fantastic, or you can take part in the building stage and we can build together.  We will work with you the way it is more efficient for you.

signed-sealedThis is where the real work begins.  Many people wonder how long does it take to build the website?  This depends on how fast you can create content.  For writers, this is easy. For many of us, this is the hardest part of the job.  As you begin to build your new website, you may realize that you do not have enough time or talent to write all the pages of your website.  TechCare can help you with creating content.  Instead of cutting pages out at that point, we have relationships with content writers who are able to take your ideas and information and put it in words that are spoken in the same tone of voice as your company.

You also may need assistance with images.  The use and importance of images on your website can not be understated.  TechCare can either take photos for you as we have done for some clients or we can help you find some nice stock photography.  We also have relationships with photographers in the area who we can recommend for your website.

For us, building your website is the most fun part of our job!

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