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Maintaining Your Website

After your website has been planned and built and is live, you are not done!!!  It is time to maintain the site.  What does this mean?

On a very basic level, maintaining your website comes down to two things:  updating your site software and content and backing up your site.

Updating your website software and content

You need to update:

    • WordPress
    • Themes
    • Frameworks
    • Plugins
    • Content

WordPress is fantastic for many reasons, and one is that it is constantly being improved and updated and enriched!  Check out the update history here!  The downside to this is that you need to keep up with those updates.  Some of the updates contain serious security fixes.  Themes, Frameworks, and especially Plugins are constantly being updated if they are any good and have good development behind them.

If you do not keep up on these updates, you are open to hacking which can lead to your site going down or being taken down by your host. Don’t let this happen to you.  Keep your site up to date.

In addition, if your content is old or out of date, people will not believe your site.  Trust is eroded.  We can help you out.

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Backing up your website

We in the techie world have a saying:

Your data is only as good as it’s backup

Pretty much everyone would agree in principle that backing up is a good idea, yet when it comes down to it, many website owners are not backing up or are not backing up efficiently.

The backup of your website is also different than the backup you are using in your office since the files are not stored at your location.  You need to use a solution that works with your website hosted on the Internet.

When dealing with WordPress, you need to make sure that not only the files are backed up, but also the database.  One without the other does not work.  When choosing a backup, pay attention to process for restoring, how often a backup is taken, and how many days back the backup is held.  See our article here for more detailed information.

You have several options:

    1. Your host may have some options for backup and those may be okay.
    2. A free service that will email you the files or keep them on your server or deliver them to a place like dropbox.
    3. A paid service that will backup offsite, every day, keep a month or more of backups and has one click restore and test restore

At TechCare, we will hep you choose a good option for backup.

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