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Planning your Website

The first step in any new project is to plan.  

When you engage TechCare, LLC for your website project, we will begin with planning.  This will include conversations about your business model, your ideal customer and your current customers (sometimes they are not the same!), your competition, your goals, your needs, and your abilities.

After we discuss your business, next we will discuss the content you would like to appear on your website and how much of that goal is realistic.  You may like to include products, a portfolio of work, galleries of images or video, lots of pages with detailed information, or you may like to provide a simple online brochure.   Making these decisions are important in the planning stage so we can plan a menu structure that will include all of the required content on the website. There needs to be a place for everything so that your visitors are able find the information they are looking for in the least number of clicks possible, while maintaining a clean look to the site.

Questions to ask at this point:  Would you like a custom website that is a unique representation of your business?  Or would you like to begin with a WordPress template that is beautiful, and at some point later on upgrade to a custom site?  TechCare, LLC can help you with either option.

This is also the time to seriously think about your budget and how much your website will mean to the success or failure of your business. Building this new website is an investment in your future success.

When you choose TechCare, LLC to develop your website with you, we will help you through this planning phase so that you will be sure to be pleased with the outcome.

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Plan with TechCare

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