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Email Blog Posts Automatically

Did you know you could email blog posts automatically?  Without doing anything after writing a blog post?  You can with MailChimp.

A while ago we thought that we would do some blogging here at TechCare and then we would set up an account with an email provider who would automatically email our posts on a nice looking template we designed when we determined we wanted them sent.  So we started looking around and quickly learned that MailChimp was our answer.  This is called RSS to Email.

website-mailchimp-rss-feedEmailing out your blog posts is important because most of your customers will not be coming to your blog to read your posts each day/week/month.  If your customers do not know your blog posts is up and new and is interesting, they will never read it!  The easy way to alert your customers that you have written a new post is to send an intriguing “excerpt” of your message out in an email blast with a great photo and a “Read more..” link.

Emailing your blog posts is “pushing” your posts to your constituents.  Visitors who read your blog post on your website are “pulling” your blog posts.  Push vs. Pull

When you use a service such as MailChimp to send out your message, not only are you complying with the Can-Spam Act (i.e. you will have an unsubscribe link on the email), but you can also track how many people opened your email, how many people clicked on your links, which links were the most popular, and who clicked on certain links. If you play your cards right, you can gain some very useful information from this, such as which customers are ready for another purchase.

In order to get this set up, there is some design work and some programming that needs to be done.  TechCare can help you get your email template set up and the fields all set so that your email goes out on the day(s) of the week you specify, showing the information you specify.