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Event and Calendar Management

Does your business host or attend events that you would like to list on your website?

Adding a proper event calendar to your WordPress website is easy to do and has tremendous benefits over just listing your upcoming events in plain text.  A calendar plugin will usually only show the events starting from today and moving forward.  This way, data does not become stale and outdated.


If you list your events on your website in plain text and forget to take those events off once the date has passed, visitors to your site will immediately lose some faith in the information you are presenting, whether it be about events or even about your product or service.  Using a calendar plugin changes all of this.  Not only will the information be more up to date, but the information is presented in a professional format.

There are several different plugins we can use to manage your events or calendar items.  When you are ready, we will talk about the types of events you are holding, if you need the ability for RSVPs, what you will need to gather from attendees such as answers to questions or entrance fees, and where you would like to post this information on your website. We will choose the best plugin to suit your needs.