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Google Places Setup

If you are not in control of your Google Places page, someone else may already be in charge.

Google has created what are known as “Google Places Pages” which make it easy for Internet users to find businesses on the web. The places pages tie in with Google Maps Marketing and with your Google+ account.  If you own a brick and mortar store, most likely you have a Google Places page whether you like it or now. And if you look on that page, you may even have customer reviews about your business.  You need to know about this because you may not have favorable reviews and this may be hurting your business!  In this case, you are not in charge of your Google places page, the negative commenters are!

website-google-places-setupIf you do have a physical location and are open to the public for business, TechCare can help you set up and manage your Google places page.  Doing this will most certainly help you move up in Google’s search results, increasing your website’s visibility and hopefully that translates into more business for you!