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Help Setting up a Blog

A blog can help your business and website in many ways.  You have a perfect platform at your fingertips to express opinions on matters pertaining to your industry, to announce news to your constituents, to showcase your work, among other things.

A blog is a living area of your website, and it gives you the perfect opportunity to keep your customers and future customers in the loop of what you are doing.

Most importantly, from a Search Engine Optimization perspective, a blog can sometimes give your website a boost in Google’s search results.  I have had clients who have had their blog posts come up higher on the results page than their website pages.  In addition, if you are a frequent poster with quality content, your posts could take up an entire page of Google’s search results for a keyword, as one of my client experienced.


Do you need help setting up a blog?

Writing a blog can seem like a daunting task.  You need to come up with content, stories, ideas, and then you need to actually write which takes time.  There are ways to make this all easier for you, and TechCare can help you set up a blog and strategize so that you keep your blog fresh and up to date.  We understand the effort blogging takes, and we are also guilty of blogging nicely for a few weeks and then falling off the wagon!  But we know of some shortcuts that may help make your blog a success and an asset to your website and to the growth of your business.