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WordPress Websites

Wordpress Website ProgrammerYears ago when most of the web was moving from static HTML pages which could be modified in Notepad or Dreamweaver to a CMS (Content Management System) based site, we took a look around at some of the most popular software out there.  After looking at lots of options, we decided to focus our training and expertise on WordPress and focus on being a WordPress website programmer.  There were (and still are!) lots of people developing for WordPress which meant that the base software of wordpress could be expanded and enriched by all types of software and plugins you could add to your site.  The software was also in the process of going through an amazing transformation from a primarily “blog” site platform to a platform which could host calendars, membership sites, portfolios, photo galleries, etc, and was becoming a perfect choice for businesses, not only bloggers.

The software WordPress is “Open Source”. That means that the code is not private (like the operating system on a Microsoft computer or Apple computer, or the code of an application such as Quickbooks or Powerpoint), but it is instead public.  When code to a software is public, developers are invited to write additional code to enhance the software and make it even better.  Also, other developers are able to write pieces of stand alone software that you can install into your WordPress to give the base software more functionality.

Many sites on the Internet are using WordPress to run their sites.  This is a great thing but also makes the software a great target for hackers.  While we build your site, we will talk to you about protecting all your hard work with WordPress backup software such a and  then with security software such as plugins and services. This is all in addition to keeping your WordPress installation updated on the back end by updating the WordPress core software, themes, frameworks and plugins on the site.

WordPress Website Programmer

slider-customWordPress, in our opinion, is flexible, scaleable, easy to maintain, and fun.  You can have multiple people contributing content to your website or editing your website all at the same time. The software is hosted “in the cloud” or in other words, out on the Internet, so you don’t need to have any special software installed on your computer.  You can edit your website from any computer connected to the Internet.  You can even post a blog post from your phone!